Philips Dynalite takes lighting and automation systems to the next level. More than just a product line, Dynalite offers integrated lighting and office automation solutions to create ambience, distinctive lighting scenes, and modern workspaces.
Dynalite works with Philips vast line of energy-efficient lamps, automation controls, lamps, drivers, and user interfaces, as well as products outside of the Philips family. Dynalite control systems support open standards through Dynalite’s modular architecture. Components easily integrate with DALI, BacNet, 0-10 devices, DMX512, and dozens of other industry standards.
Uncompromising versatility and functionality make Dynalite the perfect solution for today’s demanding commercial energy management and architectural lighting applications.




Energy code compliant: Fully complies with the energy efficiency provisions of ASHRAE/IES 90.1, CEC Title 24, IECC standards, local and state energy code mandates as well as eligibility for various utility rebate programs.

Total light management: Perfectly suited for a wide range of lighting control and light balancing strategies to seamlessly deploy from small areas, to multiple floors, to the entire facility or campus, enabling sustainability initiatives and Green Building LEED Certification. Facility management capabilities include energy monitoring, reporting, and load shedding (based on peak demand).

Intelligent: With Dynalite’s distributed architecture, each control device incorporates “built-in” intelligence to operate autonomously. This means greater reliability compared to systems incorporating centralized processors, which can result in total system failure when one or more devices malfunction.


Scalable: Leveraging a common platform, the Dynalite network provides complete flexibility for future expansion and facilitates post-installation alterations or additions without the need to re-configure the entire system.

Building integration: Integrates with HVAC, Building Management Systems (BACNET), Security, Fire Detection, Emergency Lighting (UL 924), Access Control, and other electrical loads to provide a comprehensive solution.

Architectural controls: Enhance the environment with preset controls for a user to recall custom lighting level combinations or scenes used for a typical room activity at the press of a button. Extend control of common Audio/Video components to touch screens with graphical floor plan representations and precise automated shade controls. Blend simplicity with Dynamic Touch/iPad/iTouch applications such as a single “remote” point of control for lighting, climate controls, security, and more!



  Item Description Manuals Data Sheets  
0-10 Relay Controller Captivation DLC 0-10 + Relay allows 16A switching and/or
0-10V Mark 7 style dimming control of any 120V or 277V lighting circuit.
Phase Dimmer Captivation DLC Phase Dimmer allows 600W forward or
reverse phase dimming control of any 120V or 277V lighting circuit


Relay / Controller

Relay Module DMRC820FR-NA Relay Controller is designed to control a variety of switched loads for up to 8 circuits.  
DALI Module DMBC320-DALI-NA ballast controller is designed to provide individual fixture dimming controls for up to 3 DALI Loops and 192 devices.  
0-10V Module DMBC320-100ZT-NA ballast controller is designed to provide dimming controls with up to 3 0-10V Control channels. Compatible with LyteSwitch relay panels and Optio dimming panel systems  
Module enclosure Module Enclosure UL508A enclosures for all Dynalite DIN Rail modules    
DTC602-NA time clock Time Clock DTC602-NA is an astronomical time clock that can trigger events based on time of day, sunrise or sunset or preset times of days/weeks.  
DTP170 touch screen Touch Screen DTP100 and DTP170 offer rich color LCD touch screen options that use vivid graphics and sophisticated on screen controls to create visually stunning and easy-to-use pages.      
  Item Description Manuals Data Sheets CAD Blocks
  Wall Stations The Antumbra seires offers unmatched style, convenience, flexibility, and control to your lighting control system      
DLP user control station   The DLP user control stations provide aesthetically pleasing wall controls for most commercial applications, with available single and dual column designs for simple and advanced preset scene selection.  

DR2PA user control station

  The contemporary DR2PA range of user control stations provides the ultimate in aesthetic design flexibility for scene selection. Now available in a variety of colors, architectural styles and custom engraving options. Multi-function motion detection and photo sensors  
DPN user control station   The industrial DPN line of user control stations provides high traffic rugged design control in an esthetically elegant range of metal finishes.    
  Multi function motion detection and photo sensors Low profile 360º ceiling mount sensors (DUS804C-NA – flush mount and DUS804CS-UP-NA surface mount) combine motion detection(PIR and/or with Ultrasonic option), infrared remote control reception (IR) and ambient light level detection (Photo sensor) in the one device.      
DUS804C-NA flush mount sensor        DUS804C-NA  
DUS804CS-UP-NA surface mount sensor        DUS804CS-UP-NA  
DUS704W-UP-NA wall mount sensor   The DUS704W-NA wall mount sensor provides wide angle coverage combining motion detection (PIR) and infrared remote control reception (IR) in one device.  
  Item Desription Manuals Data Sheets CAD Blocks
Network gateway A wide range of network integration options are available to connect with Audio/Video, BMS, HVAC, Security, and Shade Control Systems      
  EnvisionGateway 10/100 BaseT Gateway: DL-ETHENVG-101  
  Network gateway for trunking and DMX interface: DDNG485-NA
  RS232 Serial Port interface: DNG232-NA    
  USB Network interface: DMNG-USB-NA
  Dry Contact Input interface for low-level integration: DDMIDC8-NA  

Power supply

Power Supply DMNP24040-P-NA Class 2 Plenum Rated power supply    
Software EnvisionManager gives staff total visibility on the performance and status of their lighting system.  The user can see at a glance what is happening in the building and can change anything from a single lamp, to a whole building’s lighting state, with the click of a mouse.    
Network Controls Portfolio Binder (Includes data sheets, technical guides, and other information for Dynalite and OccuSwitch)    


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