Intellisight Wallbox (discontinued)


      Philips no longer offers IntelliSight Wallbox devices.  Availability will be limited to stock on hand and delivered on a first come, first served basis.  Use MultiSet Pro for projets requiring wallbox switches, dimmers, and controls.  

Through a thoughtful design utilizing multiple detection technologies, IntelliSight Occupancy Sensors are the first true sensors with the intelligence to discern between actual human occupancy and the simple movement of inanimate objects­­, thereby giving you the true energy savings you desire. And with user-friendly features such as automatic calibration, automatic shut-off, and a greatly extended sensing range, it is easy to see why IntelliSight Occupancy Sensors are unlike any sensor that exists today.
Common Features
All IntelliSight wall box occupancy sensors can be used in multi-location applications (that uses existing three-way wiring) and offer the following common features:
  • Attractive designer styling - complements other designer-style electrical devices and faceplates.
  • Multiple technology - multiple technologies to improve sensitivity (up to 4,000 square feet of coverage) and decrease false triggering. This also makes a much more user-friendly and customizable device without creating complexity.
  • Intelligent self-adjustment mode - continuously monitors space and occupancy patterns to self adjust to the most efficient control of the monitored space.
  • User-friendly adjustable time-out period from 1 to 30 minutes to automatic - no need to uninstall unit to program the unit.
  • Sensor sensitivity setting - User configurable sensor sensitivity to tailor switch to unusual spaces.
  • Universal voltage - 120 to 277 Volts AC power with a single ground connection. Minimum inventory, easy installation.
  • Minimum load requirement of less than 5W (incandescent) and 25W (fluorescent).
  • Selectable audible tones - device emits a selectable audible signal before the lights shut off, allowing the occupant to maintain the ON status, if so desired.
  • Ambient light override - Can monitor ambient light to prevent switch from turning on if ambient light is above a certain level.
  • Power fail memory - years of power failure memory for building sweeps and unplanned power losses.
  • LED indicator - lights when sensor detects occupancy.
  • Automatic air gap when lights are off. Can be locked for maintenance.
  • Reinforced lens - minimal protrusion from the wall, maximum protection.
IntelliSight Dual-Circuit Switch
The IntelliSight ITSABU is a dual-circuit Sensor Switch is rated for a 1000 watt loads to control incandescent, magnetic / electronic low-voltage, magnetic / electronic non-dim fluorescent, cold cathode, general inductive, and LED loads when used in 120VAC or 277VAC applications. This device provides bi-level switching in a user-friendly occupancy sensor. Click here to view the specification sheet.
IntelliSight Two-Wire Switch
The IntelliSight Two-Wire Sensor Switch is rated for a 1000 watt load to control incandescent, magnetic/electronic low-voltage, magnetic/electronic fluorescent, cold cathode, general inductive, and LED loads when used in 120VAC or 277VAC applications
IntelliSight Inductive Dimmer
The IntelliSight Inductive Dimmer is designed to control incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, cold cathode, and general inductive loads, along with VA-rated dimming amplifiers, when used in 120VAC or 277VAC applications.
IntelliSight PowerSpec HDF Fluorescent Dimmer
The IntelliSight PowerSpec Fluorescent Dimmer is designed to control Philips Controls PowerSpec HDF High Performance Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts when used in 120VAC or 277VAC applications.
IntelliSight Electronic Ballast Fluorescent Dimmer
The IntelliSight Electronic Fluorescent Dimmer is designed to control Advance Mark 10, Osram Sylvania Quicktronic PowerSense, or direct-drive Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts when used in 120VAC or 277VAC applications.


  Wallbox Sensors (Available in white, light almond, and ivory)  
  Item #   Description   User Guides   Data Sheets  
  ITS2U   IntelliSight two-wire sensor switch 120/277V      
  ITSRB   IntelliSight 3-Way Remote      
  ITSDU   IntelliSight VA rated dimming sensor 120/277V      
  ITSHDFU   IntelliSight HDF Fluorescent dimming sensor 120/277V      
  ITSEBU   IntelliSight Philips Advance Mark 10 / EssentiaLine Powerline dimming sensor 120/277V      
  ITSABU   IntelliSight dual circuit sensor switch 120/277V      


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