Products Overview

  Standalone Occupancy Controls  
  OccuSwitch Classic   OccuSwitch Classic enables simplicity, energy-efficiency, and easy installation through a range of wallboxes, ceiling mounts, wall/corner mounts, fixture/junction box mounts, relay panels, and power extenders.  
  Actilume   Actilume luminaire-based, plug and play, daylight and occupancy sensing controls simplify the installation, commissioning, and programming of your lighting system.   
  Standalone Wallbox Dimming Controls  
  Sunrise   Philips designed the Sunrise Preset Electronic Wall Dimmers for most commercial and residential applications.  Sunrise Preset Slide Dimmers provide reliable dimming control for LED, compact fluorescent, and other commonly used lamps and fixture types.  
  Faceplates   Single and multi-gang, low profile faceplates designed to work with our wide range of lighting automation solutions.  
  Networked Occupancy/Daylighting Controls  
  OccuSwitch Wireless   OccuSwitch Wireless Control System makes creating an energy-efficient work environment simple and sensible. OccuSwitch wireless devices easily integrate with existing wiring.  
  Networked Wallbox Dimming Controls  
  MultiSet Pro    MultiSet Pro is a revolutionary lighting control system offering networking between dimmers, switches, and control keypads on a single line voltage construction.  
  Networked Lighting Control Systems  
  Dynalite   More than just a product line, Dynalite offers integrated lighting and office automation solutions to create ambience, distinctive lighting scenes, and modern workspaces.   
  Lyteswitch Two   Philips LyteSwitch Two Relay Solution is a family of high performance programmable relay lighting controllers designed for easy integration with any any lighting system.  
  Optio   High-performance, wall-mountable, IGBT dimming.    
  Discontinued Products   Links to discontinued products  



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